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About Caligari Gerloff Painting

Caligari Gerloff Painting Inc. is a duly-licensed professional Commercial, Industrial & Maritime Paint & Coatings Contractor based in Norfolk, Virginia equipped with a Class “A” Contractors License, SSPC QP1 Certified, Bonded and Insured, and a proud Member of ABC.

We have been in the professional painting business for many years and a VDOT and Newport News Shipyard/Huntington Ingalls approved contractor with professional extensive experience in Government, Hospitality, Education, Medical, Marine & Industrial projects.

Here’s how we can help you avoid problems for all your professional painting needs without having to worry about issues that could cause you a lot of money and headaches along the way. We will approach your project with integrity, stay committed and see it through.

Here’s how you can benefit from us:

Professional expertise and sound knowledge

As a professional Commercial, Industrial & Maritime Paint & Coatings Contractor, we have extensive experience in the business and established relationships with a range of suppliers to the best results for your paint service needs.

We provide an exhaustive and complete project consultation process with clients, taking into consideration the design of your building and detailed paint specification requirements to ensure your property is better protected and properly preserved.

Methodical and scientific approach from years of practice in the profession

We follow strict quality and standard operating procedures and guidelines to provide clients with high-quality results.
We understand that our clients deserve consistency in the level of service, quality, project management and pricing so that our clients can achieve the best results from our services.
We also make it a point to provide critical technical details to our clients to make them fully aware of the processes that we will be recommending and materials we will be using to ensure optimum results.

State-of-the-art equipment and tools

We have access to the latest equipment and tools as a result of our extensive expertise in the business and allowed us to establish relationships with the best quality paint suppliers and manufacturing companies to ensure your property gets the best possible treatment.
We always make it a point to stay up to date with the latest in paint technology to give our clients access to the latest and most advanced painting resources available in the market.
This is our assurance that our clients can count on us to provide the best quality and excellent results for all of our projects.

Flexible and time-bound work timeframes

We strive to provide the best options to our clients to avoid hampering business or operational continuity in the event of a scheduled project. We can arrange a work schedule that would suit both parties best, which may also include doing the project during weekends, holidays or weeknights.
We understand the need to provide services that do not affect the workflow of our clients and we make sure to plan and arrange work schedules according to the needs of the business.
We are very responsive to the needs of our clients on all aspects of job production- from start to finish.

Professional standard safety procedures and precautions

Safety is a paramount priority and as licensed professionals, we adhere to safety standards prescribed by law to ensure the safety and protection of both our clients and workers.
With Caligari Gerloff Painting Inc., you can be assured of Professional, Reliable and Safe services for any and all of your commercial and industrial painting services needs.

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