Project Management

Project Management

We maintain a hands-on approach in the oversight and management of our projects. We make sure to supervise our projects from start to finish to give our clients more time to focus on their core business functions.

We employ a three-step process to ensure the quality and reliability of our projects.

Step 1: Develop a detailed project plan

This will help us lessen the impacts of a painting project on your business or operations. We will devise a plan based on occupancy for commercial buildings. For hospitals or medical complexes, we can devise a working plan to schedule work at times when areas are vacant to avoid disrupting business continuity or a rotational schedule to strategize the

Step 2: Choosing the right materials and tools

While materials may have a direct impact on the costs of the project, we will help provide you with the best options. We make sure that our paint suppliers and manufacturers are among the best in the industry, to give you the optimum results for your painting needs. We also want to protect our reputation by providing you with quality materials to help us achieve the best quality results at the best price.

Step 3: Final inspections and project assessments

Our job does not end with the final sweep or spray of paint for the project. Together with the client or point-of-contact, we will conduct a final walkthrough and assessment of the project area. This will help ensure the client that all specifications and preferences have been completed based on the project contract and compliance with all the project requirements. We will discuss all aspects of the project and provide a “close out” package, which includes a project completion form, before and after pictures, guarantees and recommended maintenance activities to be handed over to the facility manager.

At Caligari Gerloff Painting Inc., we do not limit ourselves to our expertise in professional painting services, but we also make sure that we provide our clients with excellent customer service and exceptional customer satisfaction. We do this by employing effective project management models that provide a proactive approach to management to avoid mistakes and errors in the performance of our professional services.

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