Speciality Finishes

Speciality Finishes

We also provide specialty coating and paint finishes such as waterproofing, wall covering, fireproofing, dry erase, epoxy floor coating, etc.

We are certified by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) QP-1 for complex industrial and marine structures such as bridges, ships, off-shore drilling platforms, storage tanks, wastewater treatment facilities, food and beverage facilities and more.

We can deploy our teams to shot blast, power clean, level and install a full scope of coatings and coverings on j anything that is subjected to water such as ferries, fishing trawlers, cargo vessels, aircraft carriers, piers, bridge supports, etc.

There’s a diverse variety of speciality coating, lining and OEM solutions for different commercial and industrial applications. These can be specially formulated and custom tailored to suit the needs of customers.

Wall Covering

Wall coverings must be applied with a certain level of expertise to ensure seamless and durable results. Professional paint services use special tools, adhesive, materials and equipment.

Dry Erase

Useful for offices, classrooms or work spaces, dry erase painting makes surfaces writable and suitable for specific needs. Applying dry-erase paint achieves a smooth sheen to surfaces

Epoxy Floor Coating

These are a combination of resins and hardeners. When mixed together, the resin and hardener chemically react to form a rigid plastic material, resulting to a strong, durable, and resistant membrane that bonds well to most base layers.

Industrial uses for other speciality

Oem Paint Formulations

These paints are made for custom coating, product line evaluations, industrial manufacturing and site-specific troubleshooting for OEM applications.

Oil & Gas

We recommend these special coatings and fireproofing solutions for the petroleum industry, including offshore platforms, drilling operations, sub sea equipment and more.


These use high-performance coatings and linings offering superior corrosion and heat resistance for oil and gas refineries.


Specially-formulated protective coatings to safeguard the equipment and facilities of the petrochemical industry.


These special coatings provide protection for pipelines against corrosion inside and out, no matter what flows through them.

Pulp And Paper

These are special corrosion-resistant coatings and linings designed for manufacturers of paper goods.


Formulated coatings and linings for all types of railcars, including boxcars, tank cars, hopper cars, locomotives and more.

Military And Defence

These are custom-made protective coatings designed in tandem with the defense industry.


These are protective coatings applied and used in every sector of the power generation industry.

Water & Wastewater Installations

These are coatings that are applied to protect concrete and steel from the harsh environments of water and wastewater treatment facilities.


These are specially-formulated intumescent coatings for fireproofing steel assets in process facilities.


These coating formulations provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance, high gloss retention, UV protection and safety properties for inland marine environments. These are also commonly used in ocean and sea oil drilling rigs.

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